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Furious MultiGaming

Hello World!


First Words

Finally I've published the new, long-awaited website. I hope you like it! Suggestions are really wished. It isn't finished, that's why you still can help to improve and extend it together with us. But I felt like it was really time to release at least something, after years of joking between our members about it. Also I need something which motivates to continue, so here it is.

We finally have something which gives information about our cool Trackmania servers, and host a platform to communicate with us if something is wrong or you need your daily social dosis.

The feature list isn't too long at the moment, but there are still things in heavy development, like a forum, some server statistics and proper user profiles.

The old site & user accounts

The old site is still visitable on old.frs-clan.de but the registration is disabled to avoid spam and misunderstandings. Unfortunately, due to a new internal hashing algorithm, it's not possible to transfer the user accounts to the new system, but I think it's not that bad to start a fresh database, since there were a lot of old, abandoned user accounts and forum threads. So, please register again if you're still an active member of the Furious community - but note that there is little to no functionality at the moment. This surely will change in the upcoming weeks/months, so nothing is wrong with registering already.

Thanks for reading! Please check out the brand new server pages with a lot of status information, and follow us on Facebook or register here to stay tuned about further developments.

- Jonniboy

PS: Yeah, emojis. Deal with it.


More Info

Jonniboy Jonniboy

2017-07-26 04:38:52