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Furious MultiGaming

Trackmania Forever


TrackMania is the most entertaining car racing game ever. Millions of players play it in single or multiplayer modes. TrackMania United Forever is the ultimate TrackMania edition thanks to the numerous additions and innovations it has to offer. This version brings together all the environments of the series and comes with a huge, enriched single-player campaign including 4 different modes and 420 progressively difficult tracks.

Drive at mind-blowing speed on today's most spectacular tracks. Soaring jumps, loops, hairpin bends, turbo boosts, track-breakers, rails and ramps...every track delivers a new and intense experience, offering sensational gaming across single and multiplayer modes.

Please respect the following rules on all our Trackmania servers! Thanks.

  • Be kind!
  • Treat others as you would like them to treat you. No insults, no beef!

  • Don't cheat!
  • Who would have thought that? You aren't allowed to hack and cheat on our servers? Shame!

  • Have fun!
  • And don't hesitate to give us feedback to have even more fun!

If you do not follow the rules, we may have to kick or ban you. Sry!

Game Specs

Title: TrackMania United Forever
Platform: PC
Genres: Racing
Release Date: 04/16/2008
Publisher: Ubisoft
Publisher: Nadeo