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Furious MultiGaming


Did you ever wanted to have the ultimate challenge in 7 Days to Die? You mastered normal settings and it begins to be boring? Then you're probably at the right place, since our server has the hardest settings possible on unmodded platforms - with zombies running day and night, of course!

For those who haven't tried out Always Run yet, it puts the game into a whole new difficulty level and stretches the time to end-game massively. And also your death counter will rise! But that is no reason for not trying it. With enough patience and a more careful playing style, you can master that thing too - even without deaths.

For the starters, here are some tips:

  • Be patient. Especially on the beginning, stay in your safe zone first and craft things you need at the beginning. As long as you stay in this zone, no zombie will spawn and if there will be no wandering horde luckily, you won't be harmed by any zombie.

  • The desert is the best place for the beginning! It has all you need: Yucca plants for food, which can be crafted into yucca juice for your hydration, a lot of nests which will give you feathers on mass and a lot of cacti to convert unfriendly runners into cute crawlers.

  • Deaths are normal, and even with them, you can play relatively fluently. Craft a bedroll and put the most important things into your toolbet, since they stay on death.

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